Wingchun Woman Travels Solo


How WingChun Training Gave A Woman Confidence To Travel The World Solo

As a woman, travelling alone…no matter the destination….can be intimidating. When you’re going through a city or town you have to be aware of your surroundings…you know what I mean. Is that man over there harmless or could he become a threat? Am I being followed? Who else is with me on this train, bus, or street? Look, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. But I do know you’ve been where I have been. And if you’re like me, you want to be able to go out into the world and never feel intimidated again.

I HATED travelling alone…

I always had to have my guard up and be wary of strangers. The best line of defense I had were the tips I watched on the movie Miss Congeniality. And being as much of a klutz as I can be, I worried about spraying myself if I had pepper spray or shocking myself with a taser. Travelling alone gave me a sense of anxiety and fear of dangers that awaited me.

Until one day I watched the movie Ip Man and was amazed by his movements and strength against his opponents. Seeing him teach both the young and old to defend themselves sparked in me the idea that I could be able to defend myself too. After the movie ended, I immediately started looking for ways to learn the kung fu Ip Man practiced, WingChun. I bought books and I saw some YouTube videos but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn the moves in real life, and that’s when I found Atlanta WingChun. Going to classes changed the way I looked at myself forever…

It was around late-2015 when I started attending classes at Atlanta WingChun. Within the first few months, I was starting to move my body in ways that I never had before. Some of the new moves were hard for me to grasp, but I pushed through my awkwardness and kept going. During the months that followed, I was learning forms and terms that I had only seen glimpses of in the kung fu movies that I loved to watch. And even watching martial arts movies after starting my training became more fun because every now and then I would see a move I had learned and practiced in real life! Before long I was growing not only in strength but in my coordination and confidence in my abilities. It’s been over five years now and I no longer fear travelling alone. I have the knowledge and training to face the situations that used to intimidate me before. I feel like a weapon…I feel dangerous…and it feels….GOOD.

Just to name a few of the benefits of my training:

  • Increased my coordination and balance
  • Developed my fitness and strength
  • Practiced discipline through steady and regular training
  • Gained valuable knowledge passed through the centuries

You can start training WingChun in person at Atlanta WingChun with the special price of $29 for 2 weeks.

I’m 100% sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. In fact, I’m so confident you might think I’m crazy.

Here’s why…

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If that sounds good to you, visit the link below and start your training. (I think you’ll feel like a weapon too.)

Woman standing in WingChun guard position

“I’m 100% sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. In fact, I’m so confident you might think I’m crazy.” — K. MAY